The Week in Broketown, 3/18 – 3/22

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How else are they supposed to make the grass look so nice? via Facebook

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-Prospect Park got shitty

-Bushwick got welcomed to the velodrome

-Women got in on the bridge building game

-And Brooklyn Bridge Park welcomed it new bridge

-Everyone took a seat

-The Woods offered to get you drunk for free

-Plans were made to gussy up a vacant lot

-Radeberger and Sprtzenhaus said “That’s enough, babies. Go to bed.”

-The library lent out laptops

-Tumblr and PBS offered to make you famous

-Twitter finally started working for us

-Habana Outpost sought out margarita slingers

-We tried to get in shape

-Gowanus and Red Hook residents got their G train back


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