Hey, Bushwick: Welcome to the Velodrome

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Round and round

For a borough that’s getting more and more cyclists, Brooklyn has a dearth of huge bike races and places to enjoy them. Eccentric millionaire Joshua Rechnitz tried to change that by installing a velodrome (indoor cycling track) in Brooklyn Bridge Park, but people just weren’t into that idea. Brooklyn is getting a velodrome now, although it’ll be a temporary one out in Bushwick this weekend.

Unlike the uh, thrill (?) of standing on the side of the road during a marathon cycle race, you don’t have to wait to have the race pass you by to see anything exciting in velodrome racing. It’s more like watching NASCAR, but without the potential for being maimed by a gigantic piece of a car. And yes, there are crashes too:

So how can you see some of this sweet bike race action then? Radioactive orange-colored drink slinger Red Bull is taking over the Bushwick Church (626 Bushwick Avenue) on Saturday to set up a mini-velodrome, a mini drome in their words. Even better, they’re inviting people to sign up to race on it. Email MiniDromeNYC [at] gmail [dot]com if you want to try to be one of the lucky hundred maniacs who get to race for the top prize of one thousand dollars and a bunch of awesome bike swag. You can check out the requirements on their Eventbrite page. Of course, if you don’t feel you’re brave enough to do this (and we don’t blame you), you can also attend for free by RSVPing on that very same event page.

Mini Drome NYC, Saturday, March 23, 9pm, Bushwick Church (626 Bushwick Avenue, Bushwick), FREE

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