Domino site getting a bike course, reading room, urban farm

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Coming soon: not this!

So a little while back, we filled you guys in on the fact that Two Trees Management, the people who took over development of the Domino plant were opening up the lot across the street from it for rent-free, for temporary businesses. If you pitched them an idea and it didn’t get picked, sorry, we guess. But the ones that they did pick sound pretty good. This summer, you’ll be able to head to the currently vacant lot and take advantage of a farm, a bike course and a bilingual reading room.

DNA Info shares the news that Two Tress made their choice for their rent-free pop-up businesses. The lucky winners (aside from everyone who gets to take advantage of these places) are being curated by Bobby Redd Projects, who are behind the Bushwick velodrome, and Ride Brooklyn. Ride Brooklyn will be offering up bike courses that cater to all cyclist skill levels, from children to hardcore cycling motherfuckers. Bobby Redd will be offering a farm under the care of North Brooklyn Farms, along with the aforementioned reading room. So now when you head over to Smorgasburg this weekend, you’ll have more to check out before lurching into a bar, drunk on food and sun. Can’t wait.

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