Log In Help

Along with the new Brokelyn site upgrade, we introduced a new user system to address the sign in problems reported by many of our readers.  The new system, while still a work in progress, aims to provide a stable and consistent login experience.  If you had an old Brokelyn account, you’ll have to register for a new account, it’s super simple and allows you to comment on blog posts and add events.


What can I do with a Brokelyn account?

With a Brokelyn account, you’ll be an official member of the Brokelyn community! Your Brokelyn account allows you to comment on blog posts and add events.


Where do I log in?

login in to Brokelyn here and follow the instructions.


What happened to my old Brokelyn account?

As a part of the upgrade, we are using a new user security system that will be more secure and stable than the old system. As such, we are requiring users to create new accounts . It’s super simple just click here to get a new account.


How do I get a Brokelyn account?

To register for an account go here.  You’ll receive an email with your temporary password to login.  Once you login, make sure you pick a password that you’ll remember.


My username and password didn’t work, what do I do?

If you’re sure you have an account, try to reset your password.  You’ll receive an email shortly with a link to set a new password and you’re ready to login. If you don’t have an account, you can register here.