Need to sit down? There’s uh, there’s an app for that

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Our…155th most precious resource. via Flickr user DeShaun Craddock

Walking is one of the ultimate free things you can do. There aren’t any restrictions on it really, unless you try to walk into an area cordoned off by the police, but that’s kind of rare. Plus, you can just walk around the police cordon. But man, it can be so exhausting, right? Well, so they say. If you find yourself walking a long distance (and you will at some point once spring FINALLY gets here) and you need to sit down, you’re not just gonna do it on the sidewalk, obviously. But if you don’t see any benches anywhere, what are you supposed to do? Now there’s a new site that’s crowdsourcing places to sit down around Brooklyn. Sure, why not.

StreetSeats is a new site based on the idea that cities don’t provide enough places for their tired residents to sit down and socialize or just watch the world go by. So, they’ve got a map for you to peruse that’s collecting all the public places for a weary traveler to sit and rest their feet for a moment. And don’t worry, this isn’t complete hearsay: the map provides pictures of the benches, so if you look one up, you won’t head somewhere, desperately tired and find that there’s no bench.

What’s the best neighborhood in Brooklyn to sit down? According to StreetSeats’ map, it looks like a dead heat between Prospect Heights and Williamsburg. Though that’s liable to change if more people hear about the map and want to claim the sit down crown for their hood.So go forth and sit, Brooklyn. Now you know where to do it.

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