November 6 is coming: here’s what you need to know

Hi Brokesters! It’s almost time to vote and election day is coming up quickly. November 6 is a pivotal day for many of us in the big city.

Look, voting doesn’t have to be as complicated as your daily triple shot cold brew order. And better yet, voting won’t give you a raging case of caffeine anxiety either. How many espresso shots you need to get through the day is your business and yours alone. We don’t judge.

So, what’s the deal with the midterm elections? What do you need to know? And, more importantly how can you make an impact on your community? Good news: we got you covered.

Photo via Eneida Hoti/Unsplash

1. What issues do the candidates stand for?
Here’s a guide to major campaign issues and the races in NY state. Also, review the sweet info at Vote Save America on candidates, issues, and more. Educate your fine self.

2. Where am I registered to vote?
Check this handy website for your exact voting location. Head to that location between the hours of 6am-9pm and fulfill your civic duty. Treat yourself to a beverage of choice after. We recommend Polar Seltzer.

3. I’m not sure if I want to vote. What’s the point?
Seriously, don’t be that asshole.

4. Help! I need an absentee ballot ASAP!
Hold up home slice: Vote411 can help.

5. How can I help others?

  • Create positive peer pressure: spread the word to your family, friends, nearest and dearest, community members
  • Share your thoughts on voting and the upcoming election on your social channels: keep these posts short, sweet, and to the point
  • Do some door-to-door canavassing, text banking, and phone banking – see Brooklyn Based for in depth tips
  • Help people get to the polls – offer to babysit kids while someone goes to vote, accompany a person to the polls, send friendly reminders, text your friends until they vote, and so on

6. I volunteered! I voted! Now what?
First of all, THANK YOU. After you vote, relax and head to an election night party.

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