7 reasons not to leave Brooklyn this Thanksgiving

Ah, Thanksgiving. It’s the start of the holidays season that come with loads of social obligations. Should you head home and see close family and distant relatives? Kick back and hang in town with friends? Or, joyfully spend time in solitude doing only the things you really want to do?

We’re not going to tell you to ditch your family, but we’re going to tell you to ditch your family this Thanksgiving. In short, spending the holiday in the city is a wonderful experience and even more engaging with some of your chosen family: your friends. (Besides, who doesn’t love peace and quiet?)

Here are 7 reasons to stay put in the city.

1. Everyone else is gone.

Seriously, a quiet New York City is ah-mazing. This is the time of the year to check out that oh-so-busy brunch spot or that happening and hopping cocktail bar in your nabe. Or maybe you just want to hold down a few Tecates at your local watering hole in peace. Perhaps you want to meditate and spend the afternoon volunteering. Go for it. Enjoy it. See a movie alone. Take yourself to a matinee play. Browse small business Black Friday sales. Take your time at the coffee shop just because you can.

2. Traveling is overrated.

Look, traveling during the holidays is nothing short of terrible. The subway is a regular Monday-Friday 9-5 hellscape, so why put yourself through some extra-special torture just because iT’s a HoLiDaY?¬†You know what we’re saying?

Godspeed to all of those who have to fly out of Newark. Our hearts are with you.

3. Going home is lame.

Going home means a few things:
A. Running into those jerks from high school. Ugh.
B. Running into family members who expunge conspiracy theory politics. K.
C. Feeling like a preteen in your old bedroom. No thanks.
D. Boredom. Ennui. Forever. :/
E. No. (It’s a complete sentence, y’all).

4. The holidays are a magnet for all things political.

Why in sweet Lucifer’s name does anyone want to talk about politics during a holiday? But it always happens. A cousin, someone married to your sister, a parent, an out-of-touch aunt or uncle, that long-lost friend from school, you name it. No matter who it is, there’s going to be someone in your life who has an opinion on the state of the world today and he or she probably won’t agree with you. Is it okay? Yup. Do you really have to sit there and smile and take it like a good little girl/boy/non-binary human? NOPE.

5. Throw your own damn party.

It’s your party and you can cry if you want to. Seriously, be the host with the most and do Thanksgiving up however you damn well please. A big celebratory feast? Amazing, you’re a genius. A small and cozy dinner party with a few of your closest friends? You’re a saint. Planning a solo take out-fueled Criterion binge-watching marathon? You’re doing the Lord’s work, my friend.

6. Drink or not. It’s your choice.

Maybe you feel like whipping up some fancy cocktails with your new bar kit in your apartment. Or maybe, you’re thinking of going sober and you’re in the middle of a 30 day trial. It’s your choice and getting the support you need (without peer pressure) it’s the best route to go.

7. Social media is a time suck and it’s slowly killing us all.

Not going out this Thanksgiving? Perhaps it’s the best time to unplug and put away your phone and all the social media accounts you troll. Trust us, you don’t need it. And scrolling mindlessly into the Instagram void does more harm than good. Unless it’s puppies. Puppies always help.

But, staying in and putting away all tech (except for some choice tunes, your fave movies, or some choice meditation tracks), will help you recenter, recalibrate, and rest. Isn’t that what holidays are really for? And do you really need to know that so-and-so got over 200 likes on some dumb, frivolous photo? Short answer: No, you don’t.

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