A bridge just far enough: Squibb Bridge and Park is open!

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Perhaps THIS will summon the spring. Photo by Leigh Trucks, via Facebook

OK, so obviously it’s very difficult to get really excited about warm weather attractions when it’s the day after spring started and we’re supposed to get snow, again. But we need to do something to summon the warm weather, and maybe getting a whole mess of people excited about all the fun to be had at the Brooklyn Bridge Park is a way to do that. So here’s some good news: the Squibb Bridge and Park, one of Brooklyn Bridge Park’s newest attractions, is open for walking and frolicking!

The Squibb Bridge is really cool because first of all, it lets you cross Furman Street and get to the park without the fear of getting run over by a car. Which, is not any fun, except for the morphine. Aside from that, c’mon, it’s a bridge, and bridges are always fun. You can stand above traffic and point and laugh at people’s stupid cars. Which is a thing we’re really looking forward to doing on the off chance that WE EVER SEE THE SUN AGAIN EVER.

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