That’s enough, kid: W’mBurg bars enforce baby curfew

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Brokelyn staff writer Kelly Murphy in her formative years. via Flickr user conradh

We totally understand how having kids could drive you to drink. When we show up at a movie and find out it’s sold out, we wail about life being unfair and reach for the flask. So we can’t even imagine how hard it must be to deal with a tiny, emotional time bomb version of yourself babbling on about nothing all day. So you want to have a beer when you’re out with the kid, go ahead. Don’t forget to follow the rules, and if you’re in Williamsburg, don’t stay past the baby curfew.

The what? Yes, the baby curfew. As told to DNA Info, Williamsburg beer gardens Radegast and Spritzenhaus have set policies to uh, bar, children in the bar past 8pm and 7pm, respectively. Everyone was actually pretty reasonable about the whole thing, with one parent noting that it’s not like babies usually stay up past 8 anyway. Plus, a policy like this still gives the babies valuable life experience in learning how to day drink and the best ways to spend happy hour (drunk, ducking calls from your boss).

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