Want to sling margaritas all summer? Habana Outpost is hiring this week!

Sixpoints, and keep em coming until fall.
I’ll take 10 margaritas, and keep em coming until fall.

Do you hear that, brokesters? Hark, in the distance, but growing stronger every day, is the faint jingle of SUMMER 2K13, barreling its way to your doorstep like so much tanning-oil lubed Santa Claus. We’re trying our not to get too amped up yet, considering we just got like the second biggest snowstorm of the year two days ago, but the signs are starting to pop up already. Namely, Habana Outpost, that oasis of warm-weather outdoor drinking (and exquisite peeing environs), opens its gates for the season in a mere  3.5 weeks. And if a summer of slinging frozen drinks and roasted corn sounds good by you, the bar is hiring this week!

If you’re interested, show up at the Fort Greene bar (757 Fulton St.) on Friday and Saturday. The website doesn’t contain any more details than what’s in that flyer, but experience says you should always show up with a resume and a smile that says you can handle the notoriously loooong lines at the Outpost. And if you get this job because you saw this Brokelyn post, you best remember our faces when we come looking for margaritas this summah.

No word on when Gowanus Yacht Club opens for the season yet, but you best believe we’ll be neck deep in a pitcher of Duff as soon as it is.

[h/t Brendan Jay Sullivan]


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