Win a $500 bar tab (there’s a catch) at The Woods

Looks, uh, friendly
Looks, uh, friendly

What’s better than drinking for free? Sex? Depends. A transcendent live music experience. Eh, take it or leave it. But opportunities to drink for nothing don’t just fall out of the trees. One did fall into our email box though. Williamsburg’s The Woods just got a new, possibly stuffed, possibly alive, fox, and they’re giving away a $500 bar tab to the person who can give it the best name. However, there’s a catch: you can only drink that $500 away during their weekday happy hours from 4-10. And you have less than a month to get through your tab.

The good news? You can bring your friends to help you. We did the math, and you would need to drink four $5 beers a day to hit the $500 mark by the expiration date, May 15th. With a couple of friends, that’s certainly doable. It’s possible even without a couple of friends, though you’d be that guy drinking at the same bar every day for a month. Drinking a lot.

But, if you feel like you’ve got the liver of a god, then follow them on Twitter and tweet your fox names to them using #NameTheFox by April 20th. If they choose one of yours, you win the one-month bender. Congrats?


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