Action! Get your short Tumblr film featured on PBS, win $600

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Straight out of the WPA archives

So remember how there was a whole event centered around the idea of whether or not Tumblr was art? Clearly, the people saying that it was won, because instead of gasping in wide-eyed astonishment about the riff-raff and their “Tumblings,” the fancy lads at PBS are encouraging Tumblr’s filmmakers to send their short works to the channel to be showcased as part of “Reel 13 Tumblr Month.” All you have to do to be eligible is make a short film, exist on Tumblr and send your work to PBS. So Tumblr is apparently a haven for filmmaking along with high art, huh? We were still under the impression it was all GIFs and amateur pornography.

Usually PBS will be happy to take a look at short films from any schmuck with a camera and a clapboard. But the usual prize for winning their Reel 13 weekly competition is a measly $250. So they partnered up with Tumblr to pump up the allotted prize money to $600 and capture more of a stake in the youth market (presumably). The rules are the same as they usually are: three films are selected each week to go up for an online vote, the winner gets cash and a screening on PBS. And in a tweak to the forumla, the winners also get showcased on Tumblr Storyboard. So, if you’re a filmmaker on Tumblr, you can submit your film of no more than 8 minutes and your Tumblr URL here on Reel 13’s website. The Tumblr contest lasts until March 31, so now’s the time to start leaning on your editor. Or, if you’re someone’s editor, time to actually start working.

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