This week in Brokeland, 5/21-5/25

The line to stand on this table was 80 minutes long. Photo by Rachel DeLetto.

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-We’re gonna throw a big summer party!

-Milk prices were weird.

-GoogaMooga was a bright, sunny, air-guitary shitshow. And then they gave the VIPs their money back. Marc Maron was not a fan though.

-We learned wiping out your student debt was easy, with a six-figure job.

-The sun came out, which means you could take your laptop outdoors.

-Brooklyn Tattoo offered you a very Brooklyn tattoo.

-Tattooed people shared their horror stories.

-We found out what the extras on Girls do

-The ultimate debate of the summer kicked off: AmeriCan vs. AmeriCan

-We helped you plan your Memorial Day weekend, because summer is awesome

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