What the extras on Girls do behind the scenes: F*&# You!

Our friend Olive Hui was an extra in a Brooklyn party scene on the episode of Girls scheduled to air this Sunday and took this video of some late-night singalong in the extras’ holding area (and not on the actual set, which would be against the rules). She says: “Overnight shoots are fun but inevitably rough. People were delirious. A small singing circle started in the middle of the holding area where we keep all our belongings towards the end of the night. A guitar & drumsticks were all we had. Cee-Lo Green’s “F*&# You” happened to be the last song of the night before we were wrapped.”

Maybe it’s the Cee-Lo, but this video seems more diverse than I’ve seen on the show; plus it’s really cute. Say it with me now: “I see you drivin’ around town with the Girls I love…”

The aforementioned party scene from this week's episode.
Olive also plays in a band, Late Cambrian, whose song about Ryan Gosling you can check out here.
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  1. marti

    Let’s also talk about the cool 8mm old school film effect on this video!
    There is also going to be an extras screening party on Sunday for all of those that were involved, and inspired by this post Olive has just created a facebook group for all (200!) or so extras so that they can all easily keep in touch with each other and keep track of their budding careers. So if you are interested, and were involved with this shoot please contact her!

  2. Yes, that was an unforgettable shoot!!!
    Marti Zabell @ Brokelyn, you inspired this overnight shoot reunion/party…

    So HBO’s GIRLS PARTY – A Brooklyn Gathering of Sexy Mofos
    Date: 5/27 Sunday
    Time: 11:30pm ~
    Place: 4th Down Sports Bar
    170 N 4th St (between Driggs Ave & Bedford Ave) Brooklyn, NY 1121

    YOU who is reading this, is invited!!!!

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