Save the Date! The Brokelyn summer camp party June 28

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Will you be the Budnick to our Donkey Lips?

The 90s time warp theme to summer this year (see: movies, concerts) has Team Brokelyn nostalgic for the summertime of our formative years. So to celebrate our third birthday, we’re recapturing the pubescent innocence and flirtatious revelry of capture the flag and  Bud Ice flavored first kisses by the campfire with an adult summer camp party at Good Co. on June 21! UPDATE: We’ve moved the party to June 28 at Crown Victoria!

In the spirit of last year’s Spring Gala and the Brokelyn Ball before that, we’ve got enough ideas to make it a sleep-away camp, but we want you to have the time of your life (couldn’t resist the DD reference) so we want your input, campers: Tell us your favorite summer camp traditions you’d like to see paired with copious amounts of alcoholic bug juice. Games? Ghost stories? Activities? Musical numbers? Talent show? Best summer lovin’ stories? We’ll be reprising our kick-ass raffle with loads of prizes from Brooklyn businesses. Tell us what experiences are on your Brooklyn summer bucket list and we’ll wrangle some up for you for the party.

But most importantly, save the date and start shopping for tube socks and short shorts. It’s gonna be a wet hot Brooklyn summer. See you at Camp Brokelyn!

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  1. Spin the bottle with American Apparel models. Always a late night camp favorite. Aside from roasting marshmallows and pabst.

  2. Awful waffle! Awful waffle! (I totally dont remember what that is, but I remember Donkeylips was not a fan)

    I vote Truth or Dare or some other equally humiliating ice breaker game.

    And for top prize at the talent show: Free beer for a year! (Or something else that’s awesome but it better rhyme)

  3. I didn’t go to camp when I was younger but I did attend Boys and Girls Clubs every single day during the summers. I don’t remember doing much aside from eating a lot of mustard, playing a bunch of basketball, and making tons of lanyards. I could give a workshop on making awesome lanyards!!!

  4. Canoe photo booth!! Archery (perhaps with nerf or suction cups) – bulls-eye gets a prize! Arts & crafts (hello, friendship bracelets?!?)! Can’t wait, so excited!!

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