Marc Maron on GoogaMooga: ‘I will not do that to you again’

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Maron, wondering where the crowds are in the Extra Mooga side. Photo by Timothy Krause.

Do you guys listen to Marc Maron’s WTF podcast? It’s pretty much the best, and his whole career arc from struggling, under-appreciated comedy to king of the earnest podcasting world is an inspiration for all of us hustling to make a living doing what we love. Which is why we were excited to hear he was going to be a part of the GoogaMooga fest last weekend (we’re sick of talking about it too, but bear with us), but were then disappointed to learn he would be on the ExtraMooga side so you’d have to pay $250 (at least you did until they refunded the money) to see him chat up Joe Mande, Chuck Klosterman and John Hodgman. On the intro to his podcast on Monday, Maron was openly disappointed by the whole thing.

“A lot of you felt a little alienated because I did a special event, a WTF at the GoogaMooga festival here in Brooklyn. I can honestly say with complete confidence I will not do that to you again,” he says in the intro, recorded at the Holiday Inn Express in Gowanus. “I will not alienate the WTF people by being a part of a situation where it’s really too expensive for you to get in. Because quite frankly I could have used you there. That’s all I’m gonna say on that.”

It’s true: the scene in the VIP section was restless and interrupted several times by a blastedly drunk lady, not exactly the great reception Maron gets at the Bell House shows. Read on for more about his thoughts on Gorilla Coffee and NYC in general.

Maron also says that after leaving his pot-reeking Holiday Inn hallway, he went up to Gorilla Coffee.

“I don’t know what the fuck is going on with that stuff but I have caffeinated myself into a state of almost paralyzed nausea as I speak to you from this hotel room,” he says.

Maron, who used to live in Queens, also reflects on what it’s like to be back in New York.

“I’m very happy I don’t live here any more,” he says. “I’m pretty much over New York in general.”

On his blog, he has some thoughts about our fair borough:

“Brooklyn has been okay. That’s another stage entirely. Lots of beards, dogs, strollers and yoga mats all converging on one coffee shop. I’m a little more use to that. I had some good sets here and I had a blast shooting a scene with Louie CK for the upcoming season of his show. I did spend some time with old friends and it’s nice to see people getting older and still fighting the fight and even winning a bit.”

WAIT! Marc Maron and Louie together in the new season of Louie, set in Brooklyn?? This makes up for all the bad things he said about us. [UPDATE: Maron twote that they shot in Dumbo].

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