Brokelyn Planner: 25 things to do over Memorial Day weekend

Shoot awesome Instagrams at Jane's Carousel. Photo by Rachel DeLetto
  1. Show off your ball handling skills at the Brewskee-Ball National Championship (Fri-Sun)
  2. Dance with the swingers at Dekalb Market (Fri)
  3. Pay what you fish at NY Aquarium (Fri)
  4. Head to Floyd Bennett Field for family fun at the Kings County Fair (Fri-Mon)
  5. Ride bikes down Columbia Street and climb aboard the Fleet Week ships at Red Hook Marine Terminal (Sat-Mon)
  6. Take the free ferry from Brooklyn Bridge Park to Governor’s Island for the 5 Boro PicNYC. While your there, stop by the grand opening of new beer garden Little Eva’s (Sat & Sun)
  7. Polish your ride for the 8th Annual Bike Fetish Day block party in Williamsburg (City Reliquary, 370 Metropolitan Ave.) (Sat)
  8. Bring out your dead (for PBR specials) (Sun)
  9. Shake that ass all day and night at the Mister Sunday season opening party (all ages 3pm-9pm at Gowanus Grove) followed by a Mister Saturday Night afterparty (21+ 10pm-5am at 12-turn-13) (Sun)
  10. See Brokelandia episode 2 and get knocked up at Hank’s Saloon (Sun)
  11. Support the veterans (contrary to popular belief, that’s what this holiday is about people, not day drinking) at the 145th annual Bay Ridge Memorial Day Parade (Mon)
  12. Dance on the dead at a free concert in Greenwood Cemetery (Mon)
  13. Have a picnic with a view in Brooklyn Bridge Park and ride Jane’s Carousel then drink in the park without a brown paper bag at Brooklyn Bridge Wine Bar
  14. Bare if you dare at the beach
  15. Check out the Coney Island History Project and Luna Park’s expanded Scream Zone
  16. Grab some friends, a cooler filled with Ameri-Cans and a bag of charcoal and spend the day grilling in the park
  17. Go fishing off one of Brooklyn’s many piers or in Prospect Park (there are huge carp in there!) (More cheap beer suggestions, since fishing is boring without beer)
  18. Stay home and shop online #SALES
  19. Recruit Ice Man and Goose for a beach volleyball tournament at the newly opened courts at Pier 6 (Columbia St. Waterfront nr. Joralemon)
  20. BRUNCH!
  21. See if you agree with us about Fox’s in Midwood
  22. Fuck it Dude, let’s go bowling
  23. Make over a Craigslist furniture find
  24. It’s moving season. Take the opportunity with everyone doing holiday weekend stuff to find your dream pad.
  25. Who are we kidding? Of course there will be day drinking. Here are some outdoor and indoor options.



  1. jessicapribush

    Another thing to do this weekend?! Vote for me and my roommate who are (the only Brooklyn contestants) entered in the final 8 pairs to win a trip to Ireland from Bushmills Irish Whiskey. Today (5/25) is the last day to vote, and we would REALLY appreciate some backing from our neighbors. PLEASE, PLEASE, PRETTY PLEASE?! :) (Vote Cassie and Jess – USA)

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