The Great Googahangover: Pics from day 1 [Updated with day 2 pics]

Rockin out some sweet air guitar at the Unchained show. Photos by Timothy Krause.

This picture about sums up our weekend. It was a long, hot, hungry time, but mostly a fun one. Here are a few of our favorite shots from day 1: check the rest in this Flickr set. And yeah, they let us in to the Extra Mooga side so we could report back on what the fancy people were doing there (including Donald Glover!) More on the wins and losses of the first Great Googamooga festival coming soon.

What our fantastic voyage found: Coolio!
Marc Maron, John Hodgman and Chuck Klosterman in the Extra Mooga side.


Donald Glover sighting! #sixgoogasandamooga
Aziz Ansari, James Murphy and David Chang noshing in the Extra Mooga.
Secrets at the main strage.
The fire-breathing Hamageddon!

More photos here!

DAY 2 (Photos by Rachel DeLetto)

Uh, what?
Medieval drum circle party.
Who's ready to haul some oats?
At the Urbarn experience.

See the rest of Rachel’s day 2 photos here.


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