Special this weekend: $29 Brooklyn Bridge tattoos

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Some of the 20 designs to choose from Sunday.

In 1883, the Brooklyn Grays were crushing it in their inaugural season, long before they went on to become the Dodgers, a connection was made for the first telephone call connecting New York and Chicago and a brand new throughway opened connecting Manhattan with Brooklyn. That, of course, was the Brooklyn Bridge, which turns 129 this month. In celebration, Brooklyn Tattoo on Smith Street is back with its third annual Brooklyn Bridge tattoo special: on Sunday, you can get some ink of the iconic landmark for just $29. You have to choose from the shops flash sheet, but more than 20 designs will be available (a few of which are above).  The sale is from 1pm-7pm and is first-come, first-served, so get there early. 

The weekend also includes the shop’s Brooklyn Bridge themed group artshow, where graffiti artists, illustrators, photographers, comic makers, painters, printmakers and more come to honor the Brooklyn Bridge. The show is from 7-11pm on Friday.

Brooklyn Tattoo, 99 Smith St.

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  1. Hey, Kelsey,
    The last 2 years we offered this, we got between 60-70 people each time. This year it fell on memorial day weekend, so it was about half that this time around. It’s not really a “sale” type thing, it’s a mixture of local pride, giving back to our awesome clients, and doing something nice and cheap in the present economy. As usual, about 40% of the people coming in read about this on Brokelyn (thanks guys!), and many are also long term clients.
    As a tradition, there are many tattoo shops that offer $13 tattoos when friday the 13th rolls around, and those shops work late into the night with a line down the block doing ton’s of them, not particularly profitable, but simply nice and fun. Cheers- BKT2

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