The top 10 Brokelyn stories of 2012

occupy sandy brooklyn
Occupy Sandy volunteers, dominating the good feels in 2012. Photo by Jenna Pope.

Oh 2012. Everyone kept worrying about you being the last year in human history before you happened, and then by the time the election hit fifth gear, they were hoping you really would be. Despite all this, you readers managed to have a hell of a lot fun reading topless in the park, giving Philadelphia an inferiority complex and getting into the politics of Urban Outfitters and endlessly debating the merits of Girls. Even as the year ended with a powerful hurricane, it was met with an equally powerful outpouring of support from in-the-muck volunteers. We’ve been happy to bring you these stories this year, and we hope you had fun reading; so without further ado, here are our top stories of 2012:

10. Inside the Co-Ed Topless Pulp Fiction Appreciation Society by David Colon
You guys like reading? You guys like boobs? Well all right then.

9. Beyond OK Cupid: A cheap date’s guide to finding love online by Rachel DeLetto
We all want to find love, but do we really want to pay to find it? No, apparently not.

8. Luxury Williamsburg waterfront apartments … for $474 a month?!? by Conal Darcy
Yes, Virginia, affordable housing does exist.

7. Urban Outfitters loves spreading Santorum by Tim Donnelly
It’s almost like the collision of the faux-hip clothing store with the conservative presidential candidate with a Google problem would be controversial or something

6. Is Philadelphia the new Brooklyn? by Kate Mooney
Notable for its 140 (!) comments, one of which is someone hoping I get murdered. Oddly enough, the first and only time that’s happened in the comments here.

5. Urban Outfitters selling Romney T-shirts for you hipsterublicans by Tim Donnelly
Hey remember Mitt Romney? These shirts will be hot collectors’ items in a future fictional world where no one lives.

4. How to watch HBO’s Girls…without HBO by Kate Mooney
What is this “television” you speak of and where might we acquire one?

3. Nyquil: Screw it, here’s some over the counter Ambien by Tim Donnelly
We’ve know it’s called “the city that never sleeps,” but this is ridiculous! Sorry.

2.  The 18 best dive bars in Brooklyn by Brokelyn staff
It’s almost like you guys really, really love cheap drinks and debating the relative merits of where to find such items. But not as much as you love…

1. Where to volunteer and donate this weekend by Katrina Casino
Brooklyn! That this got around so much is both astounding and heartwarming. 8,300 Facebook shares, 1,200 tweets and 68,298 pageviews all show our readers give a damn. In face you guys give lots of damns.

Special shout out to Brokelandia, which made its world premiere this year, the rest of our Sandy coverage, the supernova-like Robyn dance party post which was so popular the person who wrote it up couldn’t get in when she went and everyone who contributed this year.

What does 2013 have in store? More good times, that’s for sure. We’re going to have a mayoral election (and one for a new Brooklyn borough prez), Urban Outfitters is almost bound to do something dumb againGirls is back whether you like it or not and the Major League Baseball All-Star Game is going to be in Queens, which means Marty Markowtiz will definitely lobby to move it to Brooklyn. Want to see your name up there next December 31st? Pitch us, we’re always listening.

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