Luxury Williamsburg waterfront apartments … for $474 a month?!?

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Artist’s rendering of 15 Dunham Place.

It turns out not all those Williamsburg waterfront developments are for the super-rich condo set. If you’re not opposed to living 200 feet from the Williamsburg Bridge, then this could be the deal for you. A new affordable housing building, 15 Dunham Place is going up in Williamsburg with some fine amenities and some staggeringly low rents. Depending on your income, you could pay $474/month for a studio apartment or $623 for a two-bedroom in a 14-story building with a gym, laundry, bike storage and a roof deck about a block from the East River, according to Curbed. There’s a few catches, of course, one of which is that it’s built on a “former gas station and toxic spill.”

You also have to meet the byzantine minimum and maximum income requirements (listed below) and apply to the New York City Housing Development Corporation in the next six weeks. Apartments are awarded to those randomly chosen from the flood of applications and who meet the requirements. And while you live there, you’re going to have to keep proving to them that you’re living just above poverty level.

Doing the math, we found that out of 160 units in the building, 79 are available for affordable housing. The rest will be sold at market rate, as condos, we assume. So that probably means that the apartments with the best views (that is, not bombarded with bridge noise day and night) will go to the highest bidders. But, hell, we haven’t seen a studio going for less than $500 in Williamsburg since 2001; it might be worth all the paperwork and rich, snobby neighbors.

Click here for the application (pdf).

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  1. I would like to recieced more information for the apartments or a application. Thank you address 60 Carlton Ave #13B Brooklyn, NY 11205

  2. Yvonne & Ronald, if you want an application, click on the red word “apply” in the second paragraph above, and you can download the application immediately.

    Good luck in your search.

  3. Even though I clicked ‘apply’ above in the 2nd paragraph it just brought me to a 4-page Cover Letter – no application, am i missing something?

  4. I submitted my application a day ago, I have my fingers crossed=) I was just wondering if you knew as to when the will conduct the drawing, and to when the apartments will be ready for occupancy.

  5. so i send my application for 15 dunham on oct and i got mail from them, got an interview next week … hopefully im lucky and get an apartment .

    • I still haven’t heard anything:-(……how did it go for u Jimenez??? And do u knw if they are still sending letters??

  6. Do anyone knows how can I get in contact with this people other than this way? I need to know if they recieved my application. I have not hear from them. are they still calling people?

  7. I would like to be recieved. More information and be sent a Application to this address :{ 191 Sands st. Apt. #6A, Brooklyn N.Y. 11205 } …Because I am interested in your Studio Apt. Or 1 bedroom Apt . Can you please get back to me ASAP .Thank You

  8. Hello i printed out the application several times and the whole thing is not showing up when i print it out will this effect my application if i was to mail it out this way ?

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