Stop dancing on your own, because this Robyn party sounds like the best thing ever

Maybe if we tweet at her enough, she will come…

I’ve got some news for you: there is a FREE Robyn themed dance party for humans and Fembots, who have feelings too! So take the bus downtown (actually the train to Williamsburg) and be a dancehall queen at THIS PARTY IS KILLING YOU: A NIGHT OF ROBYN EVERYTHING, presented by the Silent Drape Runners, at Public Assembly next Saturday, Aug. 11. Plus, FREE vodka drinks from 10-10:30!

You’ll be showing love from 10pm to 4am, but make sure you’re there at 12:30am for the dance off. You should know better that they’ll be playing more than just Robyn: Expect pop music from Sweden and beyond. You won’t be dancing on your own or bored of this town, because there will be plenty of people dancing to the beat, and a even a Robyn costume contest!

You will cry when you get older if you miss this party.

Tweet at Rachel, because she’s a true dancehall queen: @RachelEveStein.

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