Welcome to Brokelandia: “Did You Eat It?”

brokelandiaLike us, you’ve probably been sitting at home and nodding along to episodes of Portlandia because so much of it applies to Brooklyn too, doesn’t it?  Overly precious artisans, aggressive bikers, culturally one-upping slackerati and, of course, an exaggerated sense of being a special society unto itself.  On Friday, Carrie and Fred were in town for the Portlandia road show comes to the Music Hall of Williamsburg, and of course it had been sold out for weeks. In lieu of seeing the stars up close, please enjoy our tribute to the show, with Team Brokelyn’s first-ever video project: Brokelandia!

Brokelandia – Did You Eat It? from Brokelyn on Vimeo.



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