Urban Outfitters selling Romney T shirts, for you hipsterublicans

Outfitters are people, my friend.

For anyone with actually had doubts, Urban Outfitters revealed itself as just another heartless corporation when this whole donating-to-Santorum controversy popped up a ways back. Now the hipster Walmart has eschewed Che Guevara in lieu of a new T-shirt mascot: Mitt “Americia” Romney. This line of Romney shirts would be some mawkish form of irony (UO’s bread and butter) were the election over, much like this Nixon tee, but with the heat still on and the outcome unclear, is there any other way to interpret the wearing of it as an endorsement of Mittens?

This “Too Legit to Mitt” is the only one you could get away with:

Please Willard, don't hurt em.

One more Romney design:

And the other:

The store is also selling some Ron Paul gear, though it’s more believable there’s an overlap of of the “Ron Paul & Drugs & Rock & Roll” crowd. And Obama shirts. Better or worse than this Beyonce-designed one?

[h/t BuzzFeed]


    • mark81150

      Tim Donnelly

      “someone please make a comment about a black dude wearing a Romney shirt so we don’t have to. I guess we just did.”


      You live in a blue bubble that thick you never met a black republican before? There are some out there, why so defensive?.. It’s not up to you what any black person thinks, now is it?

  1. Urban Outfitters is going to lose a lot of customers… Including me. Why support a company that donates to anti-gay groups and anti-women’s rights? Shits fucked.

    • Nicole

      Aww must think you opinion is so important huh? Don’t forget hunny, you’re not important. And also, I’m anti women’s rights and I’m a women. So do us a favor and get back in the kitchen. K?

    • gangbuster

      Maybe because you like their product? Why even interact with anyone whose beliefs don’t match up perfectly with yours? That’s what America is about right? Bullying people until they agree with your positions?

  2. nikki

    So this article is pretty much saying how dare you give both parties a fair endorsement? “Don’t shop at UO they treat republicans AND democrats the SAME!!!” Isn’t hypocritical to tell us pretty much who to vote for and where to shop and how to dress…like we can’t think for ourselves? Then flip your shit when someone says they don’t agree with your ideas and opinions? That’s why I feel like the voting age should be raised to 30 bc honestly blogs, and media and celebrities filling our minds with their agenda’s is kinda bullshit. “Oh I’m gonna vote for my man Obama bc Beyonce endorses him and she just designed a shirt for him and she’s got a ton of #1 singles on the radio and is married to Jay-Z and is friends with Oprah so she has to know her politics!” “Oh Lindsay Lohan is tweeting me who to vote for, she obviously has made so many great life choices so I’m definitely following her advice!” You lemmings will vote for who ever looks cooler as your Ipad cover or who ever can sing old man river better….

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