The week in brokeland, 10/1-10/6

Bin Bird Laden’s days are numbered, Via Tauntr.

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-Deena hunted down and taste tested Brooklyn’s best $1 slices.

-The debate was way better if you were wasted.

-Katrina offered to cut your hair for free forever.

-We saved your old booze from the drain.

Jobs suddenly returned from the Phantom Zone.

-Grizzly Bear revealed they’re still brokesters at heart (and in wallet).

-You got one final chance to see Jay-Z without paying baller ticket prices.

-Brooklyn set out to raise money for President McNodebatepants.

-The Freelancers Union tried to make you less sickly.

-We got a peek at the future of Sesame Street in Mitt Romney’s America.

-You got a chance to Bluth yourself.

-Gizmodo found out how to skirt Time Warner’s latest fee.