Buy your own modem to dodge Time Warner’s new fee

They should remake this to be all about hidden charges. Via SplatF

This is news to me, but apparently Time Warner woke up the other day and decided their company wasn’t hated quite enough. So they’ve slapped their customers with a brand new $4/month “modem rental fee.” This sent the good folks at Gizmodo into paroxysms of rage, but they’ve harnessed that anger into a guide on how to buy your own damn modem. It might seem pricey at first to drop $110 or even $50 on a modem, but as they point out, it’ll pay for itself over time and “you’re going to have Internet forever—no matter how bad Time Warner sucks.” So check out their guide and slap Time Warner’s hand out of your pocket.


  1. mattkodner

    I just got Time Warner internet, and am okay with this (in the same way people who rent-to-buy furniture are okay with themselves) because I don’t really have the capital to buy myself a modem.

    With two roommates in the same situation, it wouldn’t make sense to split buying a modem three ways, because after our lease is up we likely won’t continue on together. It comes out to like $10-12 a year for all each of us, which is okay I guess.

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