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Yet another chance to support Obama in BK, this time with beers

Baracktoberfest is upon us.

Sweet Biden of Zion we’re all super political this week. It’s almost like there might be a close national election going on or something. If you believe the theory that Obama purposefully threw the debate to gin up more fundraising and grassroots support (surely crazier things have happened in politics), your latest chance to support him in Brooklyn comes this weekend, and it involves beer. This Four More Beers tasting event at Burnside in Williamsburg on Sunday costs $25 for four beers (plus cheese curds), 80 percent of which goes to Obama’s campaign; or you can upgrade to more expensive packages too. That’s the same day as this ice cream and cupcakes fundraiser, btw.

Now, here’s the question: Would your $25 be better spent on yourself, or does investing in prospect of a second Obama term pay off financially for you down the road? Argue about it in the comments!

And lest we be accused of bias, we will totally shout out all your Brooklyn Mitt Romney/Ron Paul/Roseanne Barr fundraiser events too, so send them along.


  1. Conal Darcy

    I would personally like to invite every Brokelyn reader to my $10,000/plate* Romney fundraiser. I promise no more than 10% will go towards his campaign. The rest will go towards administration costs.

    *No food, just the plate.

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