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Hey freelancers, here’s 3 free things to make you healthier

Via Toothpaste for Dinner.

The Freelancers Union has been making huge moves lately to help you get and stay healthy, probably because everyone knows the freelancers’ life is based on a diet of caffeine, 11pm dinners and near-fatal quantities of screen glare. It’s already getting ready to open the country’s first medical center just for freelancers in downtown Brooklyn Nov. 5; now it’s adding free yoga and wellness programs just for independent workers too.

Two free yoga sessions will be held in McCarren and Prospect parks in the next two weeks; plus, the union will host a free workshop on “balancing your business and your health” featuring the head of the freelancers union and the doctor  who will be running the new medical center. Because look at you, all pale in that computer glow. Get healthy!

It looks like the union is planning to do more freelancers health events once the medical center opens, so stay tuned.

Yoga in McCarren Park: Oct. 13
11am to 1pm, Lawn behind the Field House off Lorimer Street

All-ages Yoga in Prospect Park: Oct. 20
11am to 1pm; Just inside the north entrance of the park, near Grand Army Plaza

“Balancing Your Business & Your Health,” with Sara Horowitz and Dr. Neil Patel: Oct. 22
6pm to 8pm
3rd Ward, 195 Morgan Ave.

Freelancers Union founder Sara Horowitz and Dr. Neil Patel — the head doctor at the soon-to-be-open, freelancer-focused primary care practice in Downtown Brooklyn — will be coming to 3rd Ward to give you tips and ideas on how to get and stay healthy while building your business.

Join them for “Balancing Your Business and Your Health” from 6 to 8 pm on Monday, Oct. 22.

Sara will be giving networking and business development tips from her forthcoming book, The Freelancer’s Bible.

Neil will be providing tips on how to stay healthy, happy, and centered as a freelancer.

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  1. rachelfran

    can someone catch up with freelancers union and check up on their medical insurance offerings and their new spots in brooklyn and manhattan? I can’t find anything on them online – I’d like know about the waits and services .. and the doctors, too. Also – what about the offerings from NY via ACA? What are people choosing? I’m in this spot now and can’t figure out how to go forward. Thanks!

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