About Us

“We act as though comfort and luxury
were the chief requirements of life, when all that we need
to make us happy is something to be enthusiastic about.”

Brokelyn is a webmag devoted to living the best possible life in Brooklyn regardless of one’s means. It was founded in 2009 as a post-crash survival guide by Faye Penn, a writer and editor for magazines and newspapers including The New York ObserverNew York Magazine, The New York Post, InStyle and Marie Claire, among others. Since then, Brokelyn has evolved into a general interest destination whose irreverent mix of news and humor have made it essential reading for people who live, work and go out in Brooklyn, plus other people who just want to. We also run a bar guide and publish the wildly popular Brokelyn Beer Books. Find out how to advertise on Brokelyn here.

Brokelyn’s “angel investor” was a New York City cab driver named Susan who passed away in 2008. She was a scrapper and a news junkie whose cantankerous wit enlivened the letters pages of every newspaper in town. She was also a generous person with unique ideas about friendship. Thanks, Susan. We hope they have Wi-Fi wherever you are.

Meet Team Brokelyn

Hannah Frishberg: Editor in chiefunnamed-2
Twitter. Email: hannah@brokelyn.com

From: Brooklyn, NY. Cobble Hill born, Park Slope raised.
Favorite cheap Brooklyn Activity: Dollar slice is the only slice. Also, furnishing my life with street furniture.
When not Brokelyning: Writing a book about the notorious Gowanus Batcave, ogling house porn and drinking apple juice (but only on Sundays).
Cheapest Secret, One Splurge: If you fold an empty MetroCard between “this” and “side” it’ll trick some turnstiles into thinking, for one swipe only, that it’s an unlimited. Splurge: Cannoli — the good kind ain’t cheap.


golden hour copy

Oriana Leckert: Events Editor
Website. Twitter. Email: oriana@brokelyn.com

From: Northern Virginia
Favorite cheap Brooklyn activity: reading by the water at one of the very few North BK waterfront spots that are still open to the public.
When not Brokelyning: I’m writing and editing books, biking, and going to every unusual quirky performance or cultural event I can, because why else do we put up with the insanity of living here?
Cheap secret, one splurge: Salon Apprentice. I’ve never paid for a haircut or dye job in my entire 15 years in NYC. Also am a casual fan of dumpster diving and a rabid fan of clothing swaps. I think my secret splurge is bras because they are srsly just too important to skimp on.


Cat Wolinski: Senior Beer Correspondent 
TwitterEmail: beeraffair@gmail.com

From: Manhasset, NY. Also known as East Egg. Yes, I knew Gatsby.
Favorite cheap Brooklyn activityGetting a burrito ($6.50) and beer ($2) at Urban Rustic and sitting in McCarren Park watching people exercise.
When not Brokelyning: I’m drinking beer, talking about beer, or looking for the next bar to add to the Brokelyn Bar Guide.
Cheapest secret, one splurge: Street shopping. And by that I mean picking up furniture and other gems (books, records, the occasional cash register) off the streets and putting them in my house. Splurge: beer festivals, anything craft beer related.


Sam Weissunnamed-1

From: San Francisco, CA
Favorite cheap Brooklyn ActivityComplaining about Brooklyn.
When not Brokelyning: I’m telling jokes, slinging coffee, taking names.
Cheapest secret, one splurge: I won’t buy beer unless it comes with free food, but I will pay any amount for a pińa colada.


Natalie Wallunnamed
Website. Twitter
Email: awkwardsexandthecity@gmail.com
From:Stafford, VA
Favorite cheap Brooklyn activity: Coney Island and Nathan’s hot dogs (if you don’t buy anything else, it’s pretty cheap)
When not Brokelyning: Gilmore Girlsing
Cheapest Secret, One Splurge: I always go into Sephora about 3 times a week to moisturize with the expensive stuff. One splurge: plants, all of the plants.



Ruthie Darling

From: London, England, now based in Bushwick.
Favorite cheap Brooklyn Activity: Eating $3 Tacos at Los Hemandos or cycling along the water.
When not Brokelyning: Swinging from a trapeze and writing a fashion book, not at the same time.
Cheapest Secret, One Splurge: Using the work/study plans at yoga studios to get free classes. Splurge: Shoes, what can I say, Carrie Bradshaw has ruined me.


Faye Penn: Founder
Faye Penn

From: Framingham, MA., an unrivaled mall town.
Favorite cheap Brooklyn Activity:Going to the beach at Coney Island off-season.
When not Brokelyning, I…Work as Executive Editor of InStyle.Hang out with Papa Brokelyn and our three kids.
Cheapest secret, one splurge:Lamb gyro dinner for $6 from Gyro King on Newkirk Plaza. There’s way more than one splurge, but I’m going with highlights by Borja Cau. She’s a genius.