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Host the next Phresh Cutz and you’ll get free haircuts for life

The previous Phresh Cutz event, via FB.

Good news for anyone who’s ever dreamed of having a bunch of styled up queers piled in their living room: PHRESH CUTZ is back, and we’re looking for a place to set up shop! For anyone who missed it the last time, PHRESH CUTZ is the little big haircutting project that could: a monthly queer pop-up barbershop, founded at the beginning of last month in Bed-Stuy. The event is put on by Hair Force One, a Brooklyn-based collective of amateur hair cutters, and is open to friends, strangers, lovers and strange friendly lovers of all ages, genders, sexualities and hair textures.

PHRESH CUTZ made its debut last month, cranking out 50 haircuts in 8 hours. And now we’re seeking to do it bigger. And better. And probably indoors since it’ll probably be cold out. If you have a venue to offer up, there’s something in it for you 

This month’s event is also a fundraiser, which means we want to give you the best of what we’ve got for as little as possible. And since we’re not skimping on the booze, the snacks, or the tunes, there was only one place to make cuts: the venue.

And so, People of Brokeland, we need your help. Give us your apartments (or bars, venues or any other space)! The party is going to be on Oct. 28 from 4-10pm, which gives us about 26.5 days to actually find a spot.

The author in her element: With razor in hand. Photo by Marina Morrison.

What we need:
A party spot.
Somewhere that can fit 60+ people
Somewhere where we can cut hair (so like, no carpeting and no cats with an affinity for human hair)
Somewhere we can be loud and gay
Preferably in Brooklyn
Preferably with good relationships to neighbors and neighborhood

What we’re offering:
The esteemed prestige of knowing you hosted a dope-ass haircutting party
Free haircuts for you and your roommates (forever!!!)
Free booze for you and your roommates (for the night!)
A post-party cleanup crew

So give us a shout at [email protected], because it’s not about what you can do for your tiny local haircutting collective, it’s about what your tiny local haircutting collective can do for you.

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