Last chance for a front-row seat to see Jay-Z, no ticket required

He’s sad for you that your fake tickets were printed on some sort of cracker-like substance. Via ILP Video.

So you were all excited about the eight crazy nights of Jay-Z shows to open up the LIBOR Barclays Center, or, as no one but me calls it, Hovanukkah. Problem is, the tickets disappeared faster than Memphis Bleek. Or you bought some scalped ones that cost $150 or were fake, as we heard someone complaining about at a bar. But now, like a benevolent deity, Hov is opening his palace of wonders to we mortals with a free live stream of Saturday’s eighth and final show, on his new YouTube channel, Life and Times

Don’t plan the party around it just yet though, because those of us that tried to stream the presidential debate found YouTube to not quite be ready for primetime. That’s the polite way of putting it. The impolite way is to say that you suck, YouTube.

Still, if you’re willing to play the odds that fewer people will be watching a Jay-Z concert than the presidential debate (not a sure thing, by the way), give it a shot. After all, you can’t beat free. It all goes down at 9:30pm tomorrow.

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