Life in arrested development? Be a part of Arrested Development!

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Via Lucille and Mitt.

If you’ve ever dreamed of chicken dancing (that is, provocative “chicken” style dancing, as featured on Arrested Development) your way to stardom, dream no longer. Fox is currently filming a new season of the brilliant, yet misunderstood situation comedy Arrested Development — yes, that show you spend too much time rewatching on Netflix instead of looking for jobs. New episodes are due out next year – and creator Mitch Hurwitz wants to feature “walk-ons” from mega-fans.  But how do you gain a coveted spot in the annals of television history?!?  It’s actually pretty simple:

Here’s how it works, via New York Magazine:

Submit a video (less than two minutes long), original artwork, or anything else that expresses your knowledge of all things Bluth with the hashtag #BluthWalkOn to Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, or Facebook. Or enter at Hurwitz, along with the cast, will select the winners based on “creativity, distinctiveness and relevance to the show.” Do it soon. Contest ends Oct. 16.

So stop cornballing and start practicing Annie Get Your Gun.  Hey, it beats working as an extra on Girls.

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