The Week in Broketown, 4/20 – 4/24

Swim away from the week. Photo by David Colon
Swim away from the week. Photo by David Colon

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-Where were you when Man swam in the Gowanus?

-Never be bored, never miss with a laugh, with our ultimate guide to Brooklyn’s cheap and free comedy

-You can be NYC’s Instagram Ambassador if you snap a good picture of spring (if spring ever comes)

-We now live in the age of the Game of Thrones speakeasy

Stoner survey says: Vaping can probably keep all your money from going up in smoke

-Oh there are so many jobs for you, from the The Frick to the New York Post

-Field Mouse would like to get better texts when they’re on tour

These are the best ways to behave if you’re spending all day in a coffee shop

-HBO wanted punks to show up to a casting call, and they got them

-Those nuts from the Smallest Penis in Brooklyn pageant said they’re coming back in June

-This Bay Ridge couple’s loud boning has led to the most sex-related 311 calls in the entire city

-We love Midwood Flats, we love Hamilton’s and we love St. Gambrinus

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