New Music Tuesday: Touring and texting with Field Mouse

field mouse
Field Mouse is plagued by low balance alert texts, but they’ve learned to deal with it. via Facebook

A good percentage of any creative pursuit is eaten up by the “getting there” part. If you’re writing an article or a book, you’re gonna probably find yourself staring at the wall, doing dishes, organizing your press-on nail collection, etc. for a great deal of time until that magical switch in the brain is flipped and you’re like “okay, let’s do this.” If you’re working on an album, you have to have something to write about, so you maybe go camping in a cemetery, bare-knuckle box some donkeys in the desert, travel to a foreign land, and then you mentally arrive at “here’s this new thing I’ve done, let me sing to you about it.” And if you’re in a band and are headed out on tour, endless hours are spent looking out the window of a bus, plane, or train. Reading a book, watching a show on your laptop, or texting someone somewhere.

Brooklyn four piece Field Mouse  are headed on tour this summer (with Mewithoutyou and Foxing on the bill) and we asked lead singer Rachel Browne:

“When you’re on tour, bored during downtime waiting for sound checks, setups, etc, and your phone alerts you to the fact that you have a text message, who do you hope it’ll be from, and what do you hope it’ll say? (Or, if you’d rather, who do you hope it’s NOT from, and what do you hope it DOESN’T say?”

Her answer:

“I always hope it’s from friends that I miss, but it’s often just a low balance alert from my bank.”

Nasty business seeps into even the most seemingly glamorous business, and that’s just a reality of life. Another reality of life is that “Everyone But You,” off of Field Mouse’s full-length Hold Still Life, is a gorgeous song. Like two huge, healthy lungs filling with some fresh-ass air, this track takes you on a little PMA trip in under three minutes flat.

Hold Still Life, which was put out on Top Shelf Records last year, was recorded at Seaside Lounge in Brooklyn as well as at Let Em In in Brooklyn. The album was mixed by Kyle Gilbride, who’s also done stuff for Swearin’, Waxahatchee, and Upset. That’s a lot of amazing Brooklyn activity right there.

Catch Field Mouse on the road (or reading a text) at one of these shows.

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  1. Roberta

    Field Mouse is the most attractive, talented, and heartwarming group of people ever born. I hope in one billion years aliens find only a FM vinyl in the burnt out dust of Earth and they rock out to it HARD.

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