The Week in Broketown, 11/3 – 11/7

death by audio
Later. Photo by Mary Dorn

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-Death By Audio is saying goodbye and we’ve got pictures

-Speaking of, Brooklyn is dead and there’s a dance party to prove it

-Sour Patch Kids has a Clinton Hill house where bands make #branded content

New York Magazine, Mission Chinese and more places have jobs for you

-Also in jobs world, Ophira Eisenberg will tell you all about her jobs

-Want a job in digital advertising? Headhunter Dana Siomkos has some tips for you

-These five Red Hook are galleries are the neighborhoods best

-We saw the future, and it was pizza delivery drones

The Times insists people are calling Ridgewood “Quooklyn”

-The Turkey’s Nest has a part in Netflix’s Daredevil show

-Walking the city streets as a Jew is weirder than you think

We have some ideas why Taylor Swift won’t play New York City

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