P-1000: Williamsburg Pizza is testing out pizza delivery drones

delivery drone
Just your friendly, heavily armed pizza delivery drone from those nice young men at Skynet. via Flickr user Don McCullough

Aside from helping you live big on small change, the other thing we do here at Brokelyn is keep you up to date on the various robotic threats to jobs that you would usually do in the city to get by, like bartending, slinging coffee and blogging. Well, you can add “pizza delivery” to that list of jobs threatened by robots as well, because the traitors to the human race at Williamsburg Pizza are starting to test a pizza delivery drone that could replace your friendly pizza delivery person.

As if we’d trust a robot, with its clunky metal claws masquerading as hands to handle cargo as precious as fresh hot pizza.

The newest threat to human sovereignty comes courtesy of the New York Post, who gleefully reported on Williamsburg Pizza owner Charles Walters successful attempt to deliver a pizza by drone to a customer waiting in her backyard. As if the Post wasn’t suspect enough, now we see which side of the human/robot wars they’re gonna take. Anyway, Walters claims that his plans for a fleet of 25 pizza delivery drones in the near future is merely an embrace of new technology, not yet another infringement on areas where humans have done just fine on their own, thank you very much.

The Post has a gallery of photos from the successful delivery, photos that don’t seem to take into account a dystopian future where heavily-armed pizza drones become gain self-awareness and wage war on the human race. Or at least don’t give us our pizza. And to think, it’s all starting in our backyard, Brooklyn

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