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As the holiday season descends upon us, you know that the people here at Brokelyn only have one wish: for you to have a kick-ass job that makes all of your friends and relatives insanely jealous. Oh, we’re also wishing for jet-skis, and for Glasslands not to close. But mainly, we’re really wishing for the job-so-great-everyone’s-jealous thing. So, to help you in that quest to find the perfect occupation, we’ve rounded up the best of the job offers this week into one handy list!

To kick things off, it looks like New York Magazine is looking to hire on an Associate Editor to manage their social media, so if you love Instagramming and living in New York (and let’s face it, if you love living in New York then you’re Instagramming all the damn time), you’ll definitely want to apply. The job requires some previous experience, either in publishing or in the realm of social media, and involves a lot of interdepartmental work, but in order to be the defining voice on what’s trending this week, I’d say it’s definitely worth it.

If that first position sounds close to what you want to do, but instead of looking at what’s next you love to look at what’s past, then check this job out instead: the New York Historical Society is hiring a Web Editor! So, if you’ve got some basic writing skills and literally will not shut up about the rich culture every city block seems to be steeped in, then you’ve already got a shot. They’re also looking for someone with tech experience, which for some reason I feel like the Historical Society wouldn’t be too great with.

After what feels like years of abandonment, that most hottest of restaurants (both figuratively and literally, watch out for that Kung Pao Pastrami) is making its return home: Mission Chinese Food is coming back. Head Chef Danny Bowien has become a foodie cult leader with his original (and polarizing) Mission Chinese, as well as his Mission Cantina, and now that his flagship is back from its landlord-triggered hiatus it means that you can in fact get to work with the legend himself. Danny Bowien is hiringĀ Floor Managers at the moment to sling thrice-cooked pork belly and to keep an eye on the free keg out front, so if you’re in the industry and wanting to get on board the Mission Chinese train, this is where to do it.

Quick, put your hands on your face! What did you just touch? If you said “Ketchup, from yesterday,” then I need you to rethink your life choices, but if you said, “A glorious man-beard, why?” Or, “Nothing, it’s as smooth as a baby’s freshly-shaven face,” then have I got a job for you: Harry’s, the online grooming tools supplier, is looking for a Customer Experience Associate to help people get the most out of their shaving experience. The job is very entry-level and these guys seem to be moving razors like gang-busters, so this may be a good time to get in on that ever-coveted ground floor, just remember to shave reeeeeaaaaally well before coming in to interview.

If you’ve got some serious graphic design skills, and also feel like giving Mother Earth a much-needed hand, than you could very well be just the person that Audubon Magazine is looking for, as they’re currently looking for a Graphic Designer to help with images of our fine feathered friends. Audubon Magazine represents the National Audubon Society, which boasts nearly 500 local chapters that all work to save birds and support local sanctuaries every day, so, if you feel like helping out some birds and possibly making a nice little career out of it in the process get to applying before this opportunity flies away.

For all the Hopheads and beer-lovers out there, this next one’s for you: it appears that S.K.I. Beers is hiring on an Account Executive for their Brooklyn territory, as of right now. For those who are unfamiliar with the term, an Account Executive for a beer distributor is the one who sells beer to restaurants and bars, which makes for a lot of talking about beer and so, so many tastings. You know, for work. S.K.I. specifically represents brands like Stone, Bear Republic, Founders, and Delirium Tremens, so if you think you could talk somebody into buying any of those brands, than you might already be well-suited for this job. Just remember to always, always take your work home with you.

Finally, a pretty self-explanatory place called Tipsy Crafts is looking to hire on an Instructional Painter, so if you really love teaching art to people, but always wish that everyone was just a little more drunk and belligerent, this could very well be the job for you! Just remember that when Cathy throws up red wine on the canvas, call it “post-modern”.

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