New York Times pretending other people are calling Ridgewood ‘Quooklyn’

Again: No.

The New York Times has discovered Ridgewood all over again, which at this point feels like the 3rd or 4th time they’ve sent someone out there to talk about how it’s near Bushwick but isn’t actually Bushwick and man isn’t that crazy? Rather than dwell on the Columbus-syndrome discovery language in the article, we’re instead gonna go over this again: There is no such thing as Quooklyn, New York Times. And yet!

In a nod to Ridgewood’s burgeoning trendiness, some are even calling it “Quooklyn,” after a dining reporter for The New York Times coined the term in a June review of Houdini Pizza Laboratory.

No, no one is calling it Quooklyn, New York Times. Not jokingly, not because they don’t know any better. Unlike Brokelyn alum Rebecca Fishbein who actually tracked down someone calling the area around the Jefferson L stop Jefftown, there is no one actually calling Ridgewood ‘Quooklyn.’ Stop it, it’s embarrassing.

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