The week in Broketown, 10/3-10/7

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Rachel Kremidas will make your pets live forever in her art. Via Instagram.

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How one writer got sweet revenge on the 5-star hotel that gave her bed bugs.

Brooklyn was Stars-Hollow-struck as it got replica Luke’s Diners.

We rounded up the 20 best Brooklyn bars to read in this fall.

We introduced you to the artist immortalizing your pets in paintings.

Brooklyn bars announced their watch parties for the second debate on Sunday.

New Yorkers reacted to the (fake) news of Hillary losing the election.

We price checked when it’s actually worth the trek to Costco.

We rounded up every scary moving playing in Boo-klyn this month.

Spike Lee held a casting call for his new Netflix show, and we were there.

Prospect Park came out with its own app so you never get lost in the woods again.

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