Here’s every scary movie playing in Brooklyn this month

Let me live my damn life Sidney via. Quotesgram
Let me live my damn life Sidney via. Quotesgram

Throw on the Psycho theme, because we’re ready for the ultimate spook. You could stay in bed and watch a scary movie (probably with the lights on, wimp) but what will you do about the lingering shadows keeping you up at night?

If haunted houses aren’t your cup of blood, watching a scary movie in a theatre is the next best scare: that slight chill from the air conditioning, the hushed whisper and focus of everyone waiting for what happens next, the swell of suspenseful music that inevitably leads to someone starting to scream profanities at the screen.

In that spirit (get it?), here’s Brokelyn’s spooktacular roundup of scary movie showings all around the borough. We’ll keep updating this list with additional series as they are announced. In the meantime, head to these movies, and keep the creepy clown costumes at home (also burn them).


Nighthawk ain't afraid of no ghost via. Instagram
Nighthawk ain’t afraid of no ghost. via Instagram

Nitehawk Cinema
136 Metropolitan Ave.

Tickets: $12-16

Bringing “dinner and a movie” to life since 2011! Nitehawk is all geared up for their Halloween season running throughout October, featuring scream-inducing flicks in Crime, International Slasher and Little Monster series. Did I mention they serve brunch screenings on the weekend and serve booze? These are the hard facts, people.

Crime Series: 
Cape Fear: October 8-9, 11:45pm
Alice, Sweet Alice: October 13, 9:30pm
Last House on the Left: October 14-15, 12:20am
Les Diaboliques: October 15-16, 11:30pm
Manhunter: October 21-22, 12:05am
The Night of the Hunter: October 22-23, 11:45pm
Psycho: October 29-30, 11:30pm

International Slasher Series:
Tenebre: October 7-8, 12:20am
Audition: October 14-15, 12:10am
Halloween: October 21-22, 12:15am

Little Monster Series:
Beetlejuice: October 8-9, 11:30am
Ghostbusters: October 22-23, 11:30am
Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein: October 29-30, 11:45am

One Night Only:
The Eyes of My Mother: October 18, 7:30
Dracula: October 26, 7:30 (with Booze & Books series)
Creepshow: October 28, 12:15

Tickets sell out quickly — A Night to Dismember and Silence of the Lambs are already gone — so make sure to buy yours in advance. Tickets are still available for a sneak preview of A&E’s The Killing Seasonfeaturing the first two episodes and a Q&A with filmmakers Joshua Zeman and Rachel Mills! Starts at 7:30pm on October 24.


I love a good calendar via. Videology
I love a good calendar via. Videology

Videology Bar & Cinema
308 Bedford Ave.

Tickets: $5-14

Videology is known for combining beer and movies in myriad ways, with $5 midnight movies, cinematic trivia, Twin Peaks bingo every Wednesday at 9, and sneak previews for movies like Christine (showing Monday, October 10 at 7pm for FREE.) Here’s their spooky movie list.

Featured films:
Under the Shadows: October 7-8 at 7pm, October 9 at 5pm and 9:30pm, October 10 at 9:15pm
Society: October 7, 11:30pm
Friday the 13th Part 3: October 8, 9:15pm (in 3D)
House: October 8, midnight
Christine: October 10, 7pm (FIRST SNEAK PREVIEW)
The Shining: October 13, 8:45pm
Trouble Every Day: October 14, 9:45pm
The Hunger: October 14, midnight
The Fly: October 15, 10:45pm
Hocus Pocus: October 16, 6pm
Teeth: October 17, 9:15pm
Demon: October 20, 9:30pm
Alien: October 21, midnight
Tharlo: October 22, 4:30pm
The Craft: October 22, 11:15pm
Cabin in the Woods: October 23, 8pm
Death Becomes Her: October 26, 6:45pm
Phenomena: October 27, 7pm
Häxan: October 27, 9:30pm
Suspira: October 28, 9:30pm
Ms.45: October 28, midnight
Nosferatu: October 31, 7pm and 9:15pm

Um, they’re also hosting a Stranger Things Halloween party October 29, where they just announced on FB there will be a Wafels & Dinges waffle truck in attendance. See you there, mouth breather. (And see ya here the night before.)

Salem approved via. Tumblr
Salem approved via. Tumblr

BAM Rose Cinemas
30 Lafayette Ave.
Fort Greene

Tickets: $7 for Members, $14 General Admission

BAM is getting pretty catty when in comes to Halloween this year, featuring 13 days of frisky feline films beginning October 21 through Nov 3. I could put something frightening here, but I’m just going to include the description from their website because it is full of #catcontent:

“Fear, kitty kitty… Spend your Halloween with some of cinema’s freakiest felines. From demonic Japanese furballs to sexy, supernatural shape shifters to beloved pets turned sharp-clawed psycho-killers, there’s nothing cuddly about some of these hellcats.”

“13 Cats” featured films:
Kiki’s Delivery Service: October 21 and the 23, 2pm
Hausu: October 21 and 31, 9:30pm
Ju-on: The Grudge: October 22 and 27, 9:30pm
The Tomb of Ligeia: October 23, 9:30pm
Cats Eye: October 24, 4:30 and 9:30pm
Eye of the Cat: October 25, 9:30pm
Two Evil Eyes: October 26, 9:30pm
Kuroneko: October 28 at 9:30pm,  November 2 at 10pm
My Neighbor Totoro: October 28-30, 2pm
Cat People: October 29, 6:40pm
Cat People: October 29 at 8:30, November 1 at 5pm and 9:30pm
The Black Cat: October 30, 8:30pm
The Shadow of the Cat: November 3, 9;30pm


Who knew death could be so much fun? via. Instagram
Who knew death could be so much fun? via. Instagram

Syndicated Bar-Theater-Kitchen (Bushwick)

It’s scientifically proven that scary movies are 10 times more enjoyable on a full stomach (and with two drinks in your hands), and Syndicated has proven this fact time and time again. With spooky classics playing all month, Syndicated is also hosting the Brooklyn Horror Film Fest on October 16, premiering new horror flicks and shorts for your goriest pleasure.

Tickets: $3-5

Carrie: October 10, 6pm, 8:15pm and 10:30pm
Practical Magic: October 11, 7pm and 10:30pm
It Follows: October 12, 6pm, 8:20pm and 10:40pm
Christine: October 13, 7pm
Hocus Pocus: October 14 at 6pm, 8:15pm and 10:30pm, October 15 at 1pm, 5pm and 9:30pm
The Cabin in the Woods: October 15, 7:15pm and 11:45pm
The Sentinel: October 16, 8:30pm
Scream: October 17, 7pm and 9:45pm
What We Do in the Shadows: October 18, 6pm, 8:15pm and 10:30pm
Beetlejuice: October 19, 6pm, 8:15pm and 10:30pm
The Evil Dead: October 20, 6pm, 8:15pm and 10:30pm
Rocky Horror Picture Show on FOX: October 20, 8pm
The Neon Demon: October 21 at 6pm and 10pm, October 22 at 1pm, 7:15pm and 10pm
Only Lovers Left Alive: October 23, 1pm and 9:45pm
Spooky Fest IV: Rise of the Spookening: October 23, 8pm
Nightmare on Elm Street: October 24, 8:15pm and 10:30pm
The Babadook: October 25, 8:15 and 10:30pm
Poltergeist: October 26, 10:30pm
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: October 27, 8:15pm and 10:30pm
The Witches: October 28, 7pm
Little Shop of Horrors: October 28 at 9:15pm, October 30 at 1pm
Hausu: October 28 at 11:30pm, October 30 at 10pm
Suspiria: October 29, 1pm and 10:30pm
Hellraiser: October 29, 6pm
Rigu: October 29, 8:15pm
The Descent: October 30, 5pm and 7:20pm
Trick ‘R Treat: October 31, 6pm and 10:30pm
Halloween: October 31, 8:15pm

There are also some great mainstream movies out this month. Blair Witch, the sequel to the 1999 cult classic The Blair Witch Project, just came out in September. People have been left breathless by Don’t Breathe. And while we have some reservations toward Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (rumor has it Tim Burton made a lot of changes from the popular book series), other highly anticipated movies like The Girl on the Train, Ouija: Origin of Evil, and Greasy Strangler are all premiering this month! Check them out at other popular movie theaters in Brooklyn including Cobble Hill Theater, Williamsburg Cinemas, and the soon-to-be-no-more Pavillion Cinemas.

But seriously, maybe not Pavilion. Last time I went there, what I thought were sound effects of fighting rats while watching Pride, Prejudice and Zombies turned out to be REAL LIFE rats fighting mere inches from my feet. Never ever ever ever again.

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