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Watch New Yorkers’ reactions when they think Hillary Clinton lost the election

Everyone’s dealing with their rising election panic differently today. Some of us are sending dick lollipops to Donald Trump; some of us are phone banking for Hillary; and some of us are trolling New York City with prank election announcements to gauge just how ready America is for the possibility of a Trump presidency.

Brokelyn’s favorite Nathan for You-style prankster, Tyler Fischer — last seen posing as a couples’ therapist in IKEA took to the streets yesterday posing as a BBC reporter. He chose various public places to host a fake newscast, reporting loudly to a fake cameraman that Hillary Clinton had dropped out of the presidential race.

The results, as shown in the video above, are unsurprisingly depressing. You can see various New Yorkers’ eyes go agog when they hear Fischer’s “report,” and one guy says he may as well just kill himself today. As if that weren’t scary enough, you also get to watch certain New Yorkers’ reaction to the news of Hillary’s loss as a positive. One group of ((white)) women believe Fischer when he says that Clinton dropped out after she was diagnosed with Zika.

“You’re on the Trump train?” Fischer asks them. They all nod and cheer, then burst into flames, leaving only hordes of locusts streaming onto the sidewalk where they once stood.

If you ask us, the only thing you really need to look at is this screenshot of one New Yorker’s reaction face to the camera when he learns the news, which just about sums up how everyone with an ounce of sanity left in them is feeling about the month ahead:

Was asked for a 'reaction face' to Trump's victory.
Was asked for a ‘reaction face’ to Trump’s victory.

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