Brooklyn’s getting three ‘Gilmore Girls’ cafes (for a few hours) this week

Gilmore Girls Cafe
That look of ennui $1 extra — via Youtube user Libby Ran

Get ready to go back to Stars Hollow: In anticipation of the upcoming Gilmore Girls revival, Netflix is launching themed popup ‘Luke’s Coffee’ cafés around the country later this week.

As Eater reports, this Wednesday morning, around 250 cafes will turn into replicas of Luke’s Diner, the restaurant owned by Scott Patterson’s character in the show. Some states are getting but one Gilmore cafe (suck it, Maine), but us, we’re getting three in Brooklyn alone! Even if you don’t care about Gilmore Girls, all of the cafés are giving away free coffee all morning, so just go and pretend you know what everyone is talking about.

All that fast-talking, nontraditional mother-daughter nostalgia starts this Wednesday, October 5, from 7 am to noon.

If you can deal with a little Netflix branding shoved down your throat, you can grab a free cup of coffee and a “fun surprise” (a terrifying promise for a food service establishment, but we’ll see) at The Bean (101 Bedford Avenue), Brooklyn Roasting Company (200 Flushing Avenue) and Sir D’s Lounge (837 Union Street). There are also seven pop-ups in the city (full list here), but come on, do you want to wait in those Manhattan lines?

This all comes at a time when set replicas are becoming a weird new standard for advertising. First there were Bluth’s Banana Stands for Arrested Development‘s new season, then there was a pop-up Central Perk for Friends’ 20th anniversary, then there was that life-sized model of Jerry’s apartment when Seinfeld went on Hulu.

If this goes on, we predict possible future replicas as a cab that looks like the one Will Smith drives to Bel Air in during the Fresh Prince intro, or maybe operations at a Scrubs-themed hospital.

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