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Get a half-price haircut and help a cancer patient look good too

Hey, she looks pretty great. Photo courtesy of
Hey, that wig is pretty smokin’. Photo courtesy of

We know good hair is a primary concern of Brokelyn readers because of the response we got on this cheap men’s Brooklyn haircut post and this one for the ladies, and also Bill de Blasio’s mullet. Next Tuesday, Oct. 22, a Park Slope salon is offering a chance to get a half-price ‘do and do right by someone with cancer. 

In partnership with, the stylists at Dhaga salon (294 5th Ave. between 1st and 2nd) are offering haircuts for a suggested donation of $25 between 10am and 8pm, which is a great deal because they regularly cost more than twice that, and also because our discerning fashion friend Rosie with the great hair swears by the place. Proceeds go to help women who are undergoing cancer treatments deal with the appearance-altering side effects. Call 347-689-3827 or book online at

She looks groovy in a hat, too. Photo courtesy
She looks groovy in a hat, too. Photo courtesy

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