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Really? Artichoke Pizza eating contest to return 8/18

In decadent gluttony news, Artichoke Pizza’s third annual contest will return this year on August 18. Yikes.

The main event will take place at Park Slope’s Strummer Stroll block party and at 6:30 pm, competitive eaters–that’s a thing?–will take the stage to score the coveted Golden Peel Trophy, named for the tool used by bakers to slide pizzas out of the oven. Ridiculous highlights include a guest emcee for play-by-play commentary, hosting via Artichoke Pizza founders, entertainment from Brooklyn Nets’ Team Hype, free zumba and kickboxing, live music, street chess, vintage cars, soccer nets, face painting, giant bubbles, and a bunch of idiots mindlessly stuffing their faces.

While we’re all for fun, engaging, and welcoming community events for Brooklyn residents, there’s something a little sour about a competitive eating contest when so many children in our beloved borough go hungry each night. You know what would be really baller? Handing out free pizza to young and elderly Brooklynites who can’t afford a slice.

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