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The haircut club for dudes: 8 places for a cheap men’s cut

Clinton Street Barber Shop will shear you up
Clinton Street Barber Shop will shear you up

It’s inevitable, you guys are going to have to get a haircut some time. So unless you are confident in your own clipper skills or trust your drunk roommate to get the back of your head, we suggest that you pony up and find a trusted barber. Here are a few suggested barber shops in your neighborhood that will get the job done on dime and not leave you looking like Pauly D.

• Vincent’s Barber
1505 Cortelyou Rd, Flatbush
Cuts: $11
Shaves: $10 or $20 with the haircut
Incentives/tips: Rock bottom prices, not open on Mondays

• George’s Barber Shop
475 11th St, Park Slope
Cuts: $14
Shaves: $12
Incentives/tips: Avoid looking homeless with a beard trim with your haircut for just $2 more

• Benny’s Barbershop
143 5th Ave, Park Slope
Cuts: $16 with free hot towel
Shaves: $12 or $30 with the haircut
Incentives/tips: free beer while you wait, they accept credit card, Jake tends to be neighborhood favorite; known for “having the best clipper skills in all 5 boroughs” via Ace A.

• Clinton Street Barber Shop
104 Clinton St, Brooklyn Heights
Cuts: $16
Shaves: $22-$27
Incentives/tips: Serge seems to be the celebrity barber in this joint, known for his great cuts and warm handshakes. Plus you can get a free beer while you wait.

• Lorimer’s Barber Shop
684 Lorimer Street, Williamsburg
Cuts: $15, $12 for student discount, and $20 with beard trim
Shaves: $15, $25 with haircut
Incentives/tips: Their ambitious marketing team

• Model Barbers
452 Union Street, Williamsburg
Cuts: $14
Shaves: $14
Incentives/tips: This gem is located conveniently next to L and G train at Metropolitan/ Lorimer, perfect if you are on the go. Everyone tends to swear by Jack, as he, himself even states, “was born with scissors in my hand” which really just sounds like a painful birthing.

• Metro Barbershop
227 Wilson Ave, Bushwick
Cut: $12
Shave: $10 for beard trim and shave; $7 for clean up

• The Spot Barber Shop
192 Wycoff Ave, Bushwick
Cut: $12
Shave: $10 or $18 with haircut
Incentive/tips: If you’re into Russian pop, they have a prolific variety of it playing at all times.

Got a place you’re into that we didn’t list? Let us know in the comments!


  1. Amber

    Can we get this list for lady cuts? I’m over paying $75 + each time I need my bangs trimmed. The only other alternative is to get a Miley Cyrus cut at one of these fine barber shops…

  2. Cat Agonis

    Who’s Next? on Bushwick Ave is where my man goes for a shape up sometimes.

    Just had to comment about it because it’s my favorite barber shop name of all time.

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