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Now for the ladies: Where do you get your great cheap haircuts?

"Where can I pay less to do this...?" via Flickr user therealannogus
“Where can I pay less to do this…?” via Flickr user therealannogus

Ok so the boys had their turn, now we want to hear from our girls.

Are you sick of paying Manhattan prices to just get a decent haircut?  Ignoring the frills of color or highlights (aka Pandora’s Box), a girl should have options to get her hair trimmed without having to dish out 75 bucks or more. Let’s be honest, hair can mean everything to a girl and also serve as one of our more defining physical attributes. So yes, a haircut can make or break you, but should not have to empty your wristlet. Also, you don’t want to be the one to show up at a silent meal and have to mime a defense of that awful mop on your head… it’s already going to be awkward enough.

So, we’re putting together another barber shop guide, but this time for the ladies. So let us know, where does a money-conscious gal go to get her mane molded in the BK? Let us know!


  1. Madelyn Owens

    Rapunzel Rapunzel on 5th ave in Park Slope: $48 wash/cut/style.
    The do a pretty good job but are kind of slow and Arturo is super chatty. Like TMI chatty.

    Park Slope Hairstyling on Flatbush: $55-65 wash/cut/style
    Marat (the owner, so you don’t need to tip) gave the best haircut I’ve had in a while. Was super fast and has great trashy talk TV playing.

  2. manuela odell

    Hair Metal in Williamsburg. It’s like $60 for a cut (not including tip) and they’re good! It’s a bunch of metal chicks, dying green mohawks while playing Rancid really loud. It’s fun!

  3. pookie

    i go to smart hair studio in windsor terrace. it’s $55 + tax for a short hair cut but adds up after that. i still think $55 + tax is expensive considering it only takes her about 30 minutes to cut my hair so i would love some other options.

  4. Melissa

    Just went to Maria’s Hair Salon in Greenpoint and it’s wonderful. Very sweet Eastern European ladies who are sure to clarify what you want despite the language barrier. They do a great job and a $20 a cut is hard to beat!

    I also like Eimi Salon in Dumbo. Similar situation to the salon above, except it’s two quiet Asian ladies. Efficient, silent hair cutting, with a very nice shampoo/head massage included. It’s actually inside of a gym, so it’s somewhat off the beaten path. The first time I went, I was the only person in there! It’s only $25 for your first women’s haircut, I think it goes up to $30 or $35 after that.

  5. I go to Smart Hair on Prospect Park West in South Slope/Windsor Terrace and see Tanya. It’s around $60 for a haircut, and she does an amazing job (cash only, which stinks)! I am so picky about my hair, and have been very happy with her. She is very attentive and gives you exactly what you ask for.

  6. Katie

    I second Maria’s hair salon in Greenpoint. I’ve been going there for over two years and they haven’t given me a bad haircut yet. I usually just get a cut and style and it’s $20 + tip. And they’re all super friendly.

  7. Bumble & Bumble Model Project. FREE cut and color (they give you an assortment of pre-selected styles to choose from). They’re all professional stylists just learning those specific cuts, and I’ve never walked out of there miserable. And you can’t beat the price.

  8. Susan

    Woah. Do people really think $60 is a cheap hair cut in Brooklyn? yes to maria’s hair!!! they are awesome. if you don’t do a blow dry, it is under $20.

  9. Sharon

    I’m another YES to Maria’s in Greenpoint. Incredibly inexpensive and consistently excellent haircuts. I always make sure to tip very well because the service they are providing at such a low price is seriously a gift. It’s cash only and often very busy but you can call ahead and make an appointment. They accept walk-ins but you may have to wait a while.

  10. Janine

    I go to Astor Place hair! It’s not only for guys getting an old-school barber cut. There’s a lot of lady hairstylists that do a great job and for cheap (in comparison to other Manhattan shops). My stylist shampoos, cuts, and blows-out my curly hair for $50. It’s also quite fun to hear these barbers chat and gossip around you.

  11. Super Cuts?! Why is everyone so anti chain hair cut (beside that its nice to support local businesses) I feel like there is a stigma. I get a nice cut pretty much every time! Of course there are bad stylists and good stylists at these places, but for only $20 ($7 if you go after 7 on a weekday) it can’t be beat! I like the one in Brooklyn Heights!

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