Apocalypse alert: ‘Zombie’ raccoons are on the loose in Prospect Park

Heads up Prospect Park lovers and dog owners: there be zombies. Well, “zombie” raccoons inflicted with an airborne virus to be precise. And, it affects other animals, especially our beloved doggos. So, that means if you’re out and about in the park, you should be extra-careful. The good news is that only two raccoons are infected… so far.

Why is it called a “zombie virus”? According to Brooklyn Daily Eagle, it’s “…nicknamed the “zombie virus” after its symptoms, which include a staggering, stumbling gait, this airborne disease can be deadly for pets.” What you need to know is that the virus can spread with a few days and it attacks the nervous system. So, keep an eye on your pup and make sure your fluffy sidekick is up-to-date on their vaccinations.

[H/t via Brooklyn Daily Eagle]

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