Holy crap, check out the mullet on young Bill de Blasio

Let's play, "Next mayor or Kenny Powers?"
Let’s play, “Next mayor or Kenny Powers?”

The Times profile of Chirlane McCray is filled with all sorts of interesting and humanizing details, like the racism she dealt with growing up, her sexual identity shifts and her role in Bill de Blasio’s political career. But let’s set that aside for a moment to focus on what’s really important here: in the wedding video provided to the Times, Bill de Blasio is sporting a mullet. A mullet, on his wedding day.

Watch the video yourself and see the glory of the thing for yourself

There probably wasn’t going to be anything stopping us from pulling the lever for de Blasio, but man, not trimming the mullet on your wedding day shows some pretty poor judgement on his part. Dude looks like a Kenny Powers impersonator, and, as you see at the end of the video, has swag and dance moves that comes along with impersonating La Flama Blanca.

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