‘Freaks and Geeks’ bingo, 14 other free ideas this week

America's favorite ugly high school weirdos
America’s favorite ugly high school weirdos

1. Broken Comedy welcomes TVs own Lucas Brothers, and what better way to start your week than by being in the presence of some dudes with a TV show (Monday)

2. You don’t cry over spilled milk, but you can cry because you’re very moved at the Spilt Milk Poetry Reading at Milk and Roses (Monday)

3. Muchmore’s is hosting a Slumber Party with improv group Future Wives, but it’s not what you think. Unless you thought it was a night of free comedy, in which case, you guessed right (Monday)

4. Chef Michael Gibney will be at powerHouse talking about Sous Chef, his book about the life of a chef. If you go, ask him to weigh in on Kenji’s advice about skipping culinary school (Tuesday)

5. There’s nothing like getting to dance for free, so head to Franklin Park and get a dose of free soul from Franky and the Momos (Tuesday)

6. Mission Dolores is celebrating providing four years of craft beer and pinball and dog-friendly drinking with a sweet front yard, so hoist a pint with them why don’t you (Tuesday)

7. Author Matthew Alego will be at WORD talking with Paul Lukas about a time in America when the country’s most popular sport was watching people walk. Man old-timey America was weird (Tuesday)

8. The standup shows you’ve been going to haven’t had enough monocles, so that should change when you check out Bar Reis’ The Fancy Show in Park Slope. Park Slope knows monocles, after all (Tuesday)

9. Rayya Elias tells her story of going from living in Syria to living on the Lower East Side, and her adventures in hair styling and post-punk (Wednesday)

10. It’s still basically winter, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy Summer Camp Comedy’s Spring Break show. If anything, it’s even more of an argument to go (Wednesday)

11. Why mourn Freaks and Geeks alone when you could mourn it with strangers by watching it and playing bingo in Videology’s back room? (Wednesday)

12. It’s First Thursday over in DUMBO, so see what art the neighborhood has to offer beyond the type that’s supposed to find you your soulmate (Thursday)

13. Literary superstar Teju Cole is gracing Greenlight Books with his presence, so go see him and maybe some of his shine will rub off on you and your unfinished manuscript (Thursday)

14. Stare at some dirty pictures but call it art at the opening of Romantic Perversions, a new photo exhibit from photographer Beryl Fine, at SHAG (Friday)

15. Low Budget Sketch Show is holding their premiere at Videology, and if there’s one thing we like at Brokelyn, it’s low budget. If there’s two, it’s low budgets and sketch comedy. So we like this! (Friday)

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