Brooklyn Heights/ DUMBO

DUMBO sculpture will allegedly find your soulmate

To us, it looks more like something that will eat you if you get to close
To us, it looks more like something that will eat you if you get to close

Have you been looking for love but don’t know where to find it? Maybe you should try looking to the stars. No, don’t do that, that’s stupid. That being said, maybe you’re a little desperate and a little thirsty after this winter of our discontent, so since according to an email we got, a new sculpture/twisted hunk of metal in DUMBO says it can find you Zodiac-based love, it couldn’t hurt to try.

Match-Maker, as the above sculpture is called, is a series of tubes interconnected periscopes, each based on a different Zodiac sign. To find your new soulmate, you look through a periscope marked with your sign and then whoever you catch a glimpse of on the other side is your true love. Hopefully you’re not already married or anything.

Match-Maker comes to us after being displayed in Times Square for a time, where as you can see, there were many less cynical jerks who think they’ve seen it all and assert that astrology is for chumps. Which it is. If we go looking for our soulmates, the only advice we’re gonna take is from a talking dog. Still, if you’re looking for an easy way to hit on someone, or even break up with your boyfriend because you want to claim you didn’t see him through the periscope, you’ve got until May 14 to check this out under the Archway.

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